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  • What is Mixly, Taste the Music?
    Mixly, Taste the Music, is a groundbreaking concept that uniquely fuses the world of music with mixology. Leveraging AI technology, MIXLY converts music parameters from any Spotify song into a bespoke cocktail or mocktail recipe. A cocktail robot then crafts the custom drink in 2 seconds, transforming musical notes into a tasteful symphony for your palate. The result? A multisensory experience that allows you to 'taste' your favorite music/artist, adding an immersive layer to your musical enjoyment.
  • How did you invent this concept?
    We approached Spotify with the idea to link music to taste. The idea caught their attention and in the summer of that year we were invited by Spotify to come to Sweden for a hackathon. During a 1 week hackathon both software development teams worked together and started to link the Spotify music database to the Foodpairing ingredient database and drinks algorithms. By the end of the week the prototype worked and the Spotify employees were invited to test the machine with their favorite tunes. Skål
  • How can you possibly convert any song into a drink?
    In the first step, we analyze the selected song, extracting 28 key musical parameters. On our app, users can see the four most prominent of these: danceability, tempo, energy, and acousticness. Following this, we use complex AI and machine learning algorithms to translate these musical parameters into five taste parameters: alcohol, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and intensity (particularly for non-alcoholic). This process is backed by extensive research in the field of flavor science. With our taste parameters determined, we then construct a drink recipe that aligns with them, utilizing the 15 available ingredients in our automated cocktail creation robot.
  • What is included in your service?
    We offer an all-in service including: AI powered MIXLY robot Personnel: 1 bartender and 2 hosts per robot Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks Crushed ice & ice box for storage, non-plastic straws, napkins Glassware: design bottles & glasses Standard bar equipment (ice bucket, ice scoop, bar spoon, etc.) Transport (100km) Setup and break down
  • How long does the setup and breakdown take?
    Generally, we need 1 hour to setup and 1 hour to clean and breakdown the MIXLY machine.
  • How much space do you need during an event?
    The ideal space for 1 robot is 4m x 3m, but we can adjust our setup to a smaller or larger space as well.
  • Which ingredients are used to create Mixly drinks?
    Gin Vodka Rum Tequila Bergamot Lime Juice Peach Syrup Hot Spicy Syrup Cucumber Syrup Rose Syrup Angostura Bitters Blackcurrant Juice Pineapple Juice Water Ice Tea Lemon
  • How do we know that the drinks will be tasty?
    MIXLY is powered by its sister company, Foodpairing. Foodpairing is known worldwide as a unique source of inspiration. Thousands of chefs and bartenders discover new flavor combinations based on Foodpairing and use it to develop their new menus. Foodpairing not only developed the technology to make flavor combinations but is also able to calculate completely new recipes based on aroma profiles of the ingredients and individual's mood state and taste preferences. Mixly uses this exact technology to make delicious, personalized and unique recipes. The final recipe is then forwarded to a dosing device that precisely measures the correct amounts and seamlesly brings it together in a glass. It's a kind of magic.
  • Can we change the ingredients used?
    All ingredients used by MIX.LY robot have been analyzed in a laboratory for their flavor profile. The taste and aroma information are used by the algorithm behind the robot to calculate the recipes. This guarantees the quality of created drinks. It isn't possible to use an ingredient which hasn't been analyzed and included in the algorithm. In case you would like to use ingredients which are not part of the standard offer, contact us for more information.
  • How does it work with refilling the machine? Does the machine stay operational during the refill? How much refill do you provide?
    Refilling is easy, quick and done by our personnel. The machine stays operational during the refill. We provide as much refill as needed to serve during the whole length of your event
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