Which ingredients are used to create MIX.LY cocktails?

  • Beefeater Gin
  • Havana Club 3 Years Rum
  • Tequila José Cuervo Silver ‘100% Agave’
  • Vodka Smirnoff
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Monin Cucumber Syrup
  • Monin Peach Syrup
  • Monin Hot Spicy Syrup
  • Monin Rose Syrup
  • Les Vergers Boiron Lime Juice
  • Les Vergers Boiron Bergamot Juice
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry & Blackcurrant Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Lipton Green Ice Tea

How many different cocktails can you make?

There is no limit in number of different cocktails. Each cocktail is created based on the flavor choices made by customers - the algorithm calculates the recipe to match the choice.

How do we know that the cocktails will be tasty?

MIX.LY is powered by its sister company, Foodpairing. Foodpairing is known worldwide as a unique source of inspiration. Thousands of chefs and bartenders discover new flavor combinations based on food pairing and use it to develop their new menus. Foodpairing not only developed the technology to make flavor combinations but is also able to calculate completely new recipes based on aroma profiles of the ingredients and individual's mood state and taste preferences. Mixly uses this exact technology to make delicious, personalized and unique recipes. The final recipe is then forwarded to a dosing device that precisely measures the correct amounts and seamlesly brings it together in a glass. It's a kind of magic.

Can we change the ingredients used?

All ingredients used by MIX.LY robot have been analyzed in a laboratory for their flavor profile. The taste and aroma information are used by the algorithm behind the robot to calculate the recipes. This guarantees the quality of created drinks. It isn't possible to use an ingredient which haven't been analyzed and included in the algorithm. In case you would like to use ingredients which are not part of the standard offer, contact us for more information.

Are standard cocktails available as well?

We are currently testing a new feature: presets. When a preset is selected, the flavor profile adapts to match this selected cocktail. It can be further adjusted to the individual preferences.

What is included in your service?

We offer an all-in service including:

  • 1 MIX.LY cocktail robot
  • 2 iPads with MIX.LY app
  • Personnel: 1 bartender and 2 hosts
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Various types of garnish (floral, spicy, green, fruity)
  • Crushed ice & ice box for storage, non-plastic straws, serviettes
  • Glassware: design bottles & glasses
  • Standard bar equipment (ice bucket, ice scoop, bar spoon, etc.)
  • MIX.LY background
  • Flyers with concept explanation
  • Transport
  • Setup and break down

What are the technical requirements?

MIX.LY robot requires 1 power supply (regular European standard 220-240 V). Moreover, as we use 4G, the location needs to have a good mobile signal reception.

How big is the MIX.LY machine?

MIX.LY robot parameters:

  • Height: 65.5 cm
  • Length: 140 cm
  • Width: 33 cm
Weighs 48 kg without bottles and liquids. We transport the MIX.LY machine in a flight case, which we cover with a black table cloth during the event and use as a table for the robot. MIX.LY flight case parameters:
  • Height: 88 cm
  • Length: 148 cm
  • Width: 45 cm

How much space do you need during an event?

The ideal space is 4m x 3m, but we can adjust our setup to a smaller or larger space as well.

How does it work with refilling the machine? Does the machine stay operational during the refill? How much refill do you provide?

Refilling is easy, quick and done by our personnel. The machine stays operational during the refill. We provide as much refill as needed to serve during the whole length of your event.

How long does the setup and breakdown take?

Generally we need 1 hour to setup and 1 hour to clean and breakdown the MIX.LY machine.

How does it work?

A simple 5 steps process is all it takes to create your personal drink. Step 1. Create it. You can create your own flavorID on an iPad and indicate what do you like in a drink. Step 2. Mix it. The AI-powered algorithm creates a fully novel recipe and sends it to the robot. The new mix is ready in 2 sec. Step 3. Top it. Take your drink and finish it with exciting toppings. Step 4. Snap it. A small photo booth is available for a single shot with a nice background. Step 5. Love it! The full process can be as short as 1 minute.